Air Fare Trend


As airlines continue to increase rates, travelers find themselves relunctantly increasing their budget due to lack of travel choices. Some of the airfare increases are directly related to gas prices while others are just mis-management. For the best value, planning a trip around the airlines low or high season is ideal. In general airlines have historically increase their airfare during the summer months and lower them during others. This trend changes depending on the destination you choose. Althought the historical airfare data can be quite useful in travel planning, bear in mind airlines can change fares at anytime.

In contrast, while vacationing in the Bahamas and Carribean, we discover the opposite in fare for the cruise industry. Locals at each destination along the way (Belize, Cayman, Roatan, etc) claim the low season is actually during the summer and the high season was during the winter months. Most people who cruise also have to fly to their cruise port. So why do airlines increase prices during the summer?


Below are a few examples of the airfare trend in the past 2 years: from LAX to HNL, from LAX to CAN, from DFW to HNL, and DFW to CAN.


From Los Angeles to Cancun, we can see from the graph the historical low air fare month for the past 2 years has been around the October time-frame. Althought there were also similar low air fare offered in September and November as well.

In this example, the historical low air fare month from Los Angeles to Honolulu for the past 2 years has been around the September time-frame.

From Dallas to Cancun, we can see the low airfare was also around the September time-frame, althought it was cutoff in the chart. The airfare was also low in January but September was in the low $200s.



In this last example, we can see the low airfare trend from Dallas to Honolulu was around the October time-frame. January also seem to be just as low. was in the low $200s.

5 Tips to find the cheapest airfare:

1) Find the airfare trend for the destination you are intested in and plan accordingly.

2) If you can travel in the middle of the week - Tuesday - Thursday, airfare tend to be cheaper.

3) If you have a flexible schedule, try a last minute trip. Airlines and hotels tend to give deep discounts for trips they cannot sell. Usually within 1 week out.

4) Consider surrounding airports when booking airfare. Airlines may have cheaper fare at a neighboring airport due to economy of scale.

5) Bidding system. You may be able to bid on certain unpopular dates.