The Truth About Time Shares

Example: Wyndham Worldwide Complaints and Lawsuits


We sent in a couple of Retire Country resources to try out Wyndham's points program. Below was the experience our representatives went through and how we got out of this timeshare.

There are numerous sites discussing lawsuits against Club Wyndham Vacations or Wyndham Worldwide or Wyndham Discovery, etc. Theres another dozen or so discussing how Wyndham ripped them off, mislead people, flat out lied, etc. But there are millions of gullible people in the U.S. and Wyndham just could not resist.

Wyndham realize people didn't trust the traditional timeshare packages where you buy one week here two weeks there anymore so they devise a point system. Use your points to book your vacations. Sounds pretty good right? This is where we tripped and fell. Althought we did not fall for the $45,000, $30,000 or $15,000 package, we fell for the "before you go out the door....DISCOVERY trial package."

Its pretty simple folks - the top of the line package they have cost around $45,000 and gets you around 308,000 points per year for life. Then theres the 260,000 points and 150,000 points, etc, etc. Depending on your sales representative, the points and price of the package may be vary.

They also pushed another side package called the PERKS program which cost an extra $50 a year and suppose to give you all sorts of discounts. Again the representive bragged about how his buddies flew to Hawaii for half price. Really? How is that possible? He claims because of the millions of members, they get deep discounts.

Immediate Speed: How to Sell and Close Timeshare


The misleading part or the HOOK this deal is the sales representative kept repeating the 308,000 points amounts to 3-4 weeks per year. He kept talking about Hawaii, how he got married there, flew in all their friends, etc, etc. Sound really good but we were not ready to spend $30,000-$45,000. So as we were getting ready to head out the door, another sales representative comes and says they would let us try the 308,000 points for 1.5 years at a cost of $2700. This second sales representative, ALSO loves to talk about his trip to Hawaii using the points to book a 2-3 bedroom resort.

So if you can get 3 weeks worth of resort stay in Hawaii for $2700, sounds like its worth a try?
Lets do the math: 3 weeks = 21 days. $2700 / 21days = $128 per day for a nice 2 bedroom resort in Hawaii. Pretty good right?

This is the traditional bait and switch sales technique that our resources experienced.

After we put $400 down, went home feeling pretty good and thinking about our next vacation, we brag to our relatives and start making plans. Just before we make our first payment, we thought lets call and put an "example" vacation together. What we found out was the 308,000 points at a 2bed resort in Hawaii ---- gets you ONE week. And that week is not garanteed as its based on availability. So $2700 / 7 = $385 a day. We also found out in speaking to the PERKS representative that any discounts you can get online (airfare or car rentals), you would get the same rate from them plus a $25 service charge. So there was no "deep discounts" for the millions of members that they have as promised by the sales representative.

The next logical thing anyone would do is to try and cancel the contract. We got the running around at first an immediately put together a strategy.


7 Tips to get out of your timeshare

1) Document your overall experience. You will need proof of payments, sales literature, any other pertinent information you can gather.
2) Inform our credit card company and stop payments on the timeshare.
3) Contact the main timeshare company through certified mail.
4) Contact the attorney general offices where the main company resides and where the sales office operates.
5) Contact the BBB offices where the sales office operates.
6) Post your experience on any online support sites.
7) Time is of the essence. As soon as you gather the information, contact the above office immediately. Set a reasonable followup date.

We were able to resolve case and receive a full refund of our investment within one year of the experience.

Whether its Wyndham or any other time-share the universal saying still holds true: IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS. Do not expect to get something for free or in this case for what we thought was "cheap."

In 2016, there are at least a dozen "legal" companies in the U.S. formed to help consumers get out of their timeshares. Whether its points or weeks, its still the same overall timeshare concept. The fact that the "get out of timeshare" business is getting so big speaks for itself.



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