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A few FYIs and travel Tips.

Plan in Advance. The further out you know your travel schedule, the more time you will have to watch airfare prices.

Be patient, but not too patient. If you’ve been researching for a while and a good price comes up, get it immediately.

Be flexible. If you are able to leave on Thursday and return on Monday you will often get better prices than if you fly Friday to Sunday.

Don’t listen to the people who claim they can beat the system. (And their correction) Just like the stock-market, there are all sorts of people who claim they know what they’re talking about and they’ll tell you to only buy on certain days and certain times, etc. Go with your gut. If you’ve been researching prices and you feel that you’ve gotten the best one, you probably have.

If the price goes down, it never hurts to ask. Sometimes you will buy a ticket and the price will drop the next day. It doesn’t hurt to call the airline and see if they’ll reduce your price. If they wont, don’t kick yourself; it happens to everyone: things go on sale just after you buy them.

Consider the time of day that you fly and how it will affect your total transportation cost. If you can use public transportation to get to an airport, make sure you don’t buy a ticket for 6am before the subway has opened. (Likewise, if someone can drive you, don’t buy a ticket that is right in the middle of their work day). If you hadn’t paid $20 for that taxi ride, you may have been able to purchase a better plane ticket.

Travel rewards are no longer free. Airlines are charging a additional surcharge to use mileage points. Check with airlines for specifics.

checking luggage is no longer free. Check with airlines for specifics.

Delta: as of May 2008. Check one bag per passenger free of charge when traveling in the U.S. One carry-on item onboard the aircraft, plus one personal item.

AA: as of August 14, 2009 Within And Between the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands:. One bag carry-on free. Checked bags = $20 each way for the 1st checked bag & $30 each way for the 2nd checked bag.

Continental: as of April 2008. within the U.S. One bag carry-on. No charge. Checked bags = $25 fee for customers checking a second bag when traveling within the U.S.

Southwest Airlines: as of Jan 2008. One bag carry-on free. Two free checked pieces at a maximum of 50lbs per piece. Excess baggage fees for extra luggage/oversized luggage/overweight luggage start at $25 and run up.




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